Saturday, April 28, 2012

Why this blog?

I thought it might be helpful to explain the purpose of this blog. I started it for three reasons -
  1. I agree with Scott Hanselman that software professionals should have a public blog, a place where they share ideas, opinions and lessons learnt. Software development is difficult, and will be even more so if we don't share our knowledge.
  2. I've recently commenced a Master of Business in IT Management, and this will be a place where I can reflect on what I've been learning.
  3. I wanted to fill a bit of a gap in the knowledgesphere. There is plenty of information online about software project management, but very little about managing software developers. Indeed, the only other blog I'm aware of in this space is Rands in Repose (and a good read it is, too). Hopefully I can encourage a bit more discussion in this space.


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