Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seven Roles of a Leader

These are quoted from Kimball Fisher's excellent book, Leading Self-Directed Work Teams -
1. The leader unleashes energy and enthusiasm by creating a vision that others find inspiring and motivating.
2. The results catalyst helps the team improve performance, gets good results without resorting to authoritarian methods, manages people by principle rather than by policy, and uses boundaries rather than directives.
3. The facilitator brings together the necessary tools, information and resources for the team to get the job done, and facilitates group efforts.
4. The barrier buster opens doors and runs interference for the team, challenges the status quo, and breaks down artificial barriers to the teams performance.
5. The business analyst understands the big picture, is able to translate changes in the business environment into opportunities for the organisation, and acts as an advocate for the customer.
6. The coach teachers others and helps them develop their potential, maintains an appropriate authority balance, and ensures accountability in others.
7. The living example serves as a role model for others by "walking the talk" and demonstrating the desired behaviours of team members and leaders.


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